The strong tie with the territory, the care of the product from the very beginning - the vineyard - and the high technology in the winecellar are the motive-power of Vigneti Villabella, a young and dynamic company which was able to meet the market demand for a quality enology at reasonable price. The Delibori and Cristoforetti families were among the first to understand the need of a radical change in the vineyards, which they achieved by converting the old "pergola" into Guyot system, thanks to a strong investment matched to a deep involvement in the Bardolino docg project. As a result they succeeded in conjugating the characteristics of the Bardolino wine to the structure which it was lacking.

Founded in 1971 by Walter Delibori and Giorgio Cristoforetti, the company is still owned and managed by the two families.

Villabella is located in the heart of the Bardolino Classico area, in the province of Verona, where the positive influence of Lake Garda on the climate is sensible. Confirming its deep relation to the territory, Villabella is today one of the most representative producer of Bardolino, from Docg to Classico, Chiaretto, and Novello. Other wines of a more international style like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Merlot complete the range of Villabella estate wine. Besides, thanks to the consolidate collaboration with some Veronese vine-growers, the company can select the best grapes for the production of the great typical Veronese wines like Amarone, Valpolicella, Soave and Lugana.

The wine cellar in Calmasino, on the eastern shores of Lake Garda, has access to the most updated technology for soft pressing, for controlling temperature of fermentation and for cold sterile bottling of the wines. This integrated system guarantees the genuineness of the products, the safeguard of its quality and hygiene. The company is certified ISO 9000:2000.

A few kilometers from the wine cellar, in the ancient locality Cordevigo - yet Roman settlement - is the homonymous villa, nowadays Villabella's headquarter. It was built in the XVIII century as a noble country house. The villa is sorrounded by an estate of 100 ha. of vines and hosts wine tastings and seminaries